Donating Land



There are a variety of different methods of land preservation, including conservation easements, development rights, and outright donation. The Land Trust will also gladly accept financial contributions for its Stewardship Fund, which helps us, maintain our properties for the benefit of the community.

The North Smithfield Land Trust accepts gifts, usually of land or development rights, from individuals who wish to see their lands preserved. In granting development rights to the Trust, property owners may retain possession of the land while ensuring that their conservation goals are being met in perpetuity.

In addition to the personal satisfaction knowing that you have helped retain the rural character of the town, the financial advantages of donating to the North Smithfield Land Trust are numerous. A taxpayer who donates land, an easement, or other real property to a public charity or government agency may generally deduct its full fair market value. However, such deductions are usually limited to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income in any given year, with the remaining value carried forward for up to 5 additional years. Most important of all, donors can feel secure that their conservation goals are being met and that their property will be responsibly managed.

To discuss your plans or wishes for lands you wish to donate or place in trust, please feel free to call one of our board members listed HERE or complete our contact form located HERE.